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Welcome to Turvey House, a home to the Hanbury family.

Turvey House has been in our family since the 1790s, when it was built as country house by John Higgins, the first generation to live here. The original house was in the style of a Georgian manor house; however, in the mid 1830s the house was heavily remodelled by John's son, Thomas Higgins, following a ‘Grand Tour’ of Italy.  It was this tour that inspired the neo-classical style of the house as it stands today.

The current custodians, Charlie and Grace Hanbury, are the seventh generation of the family to live in the house. Charlie is the direct descendant of John Higgins, although the Higgins family name ended its long association with the house  in 1939.   This was the year that his grandmother married into the Hanbury family, living out the rest of her life at Turvey House as a family home.  Her son, Daniel Hanbury, took on the work of laying the foundations for the future, with repairs and restoration to many aspects of the house and buildings within the grounds. Charlie, Grace and their three children are now proud to take on the responsibility of preserving and evolving the house and grounds in the 21st Century.

In whatever capacity you are visiting us, we look forward to welcoming you. We believe this remarkable and beautiful place should be enjoyed by all who come.

More background to Turvey House

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